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Link Wealth SA, a private Swiss asset management and investment advisory firm headquartered in Geneva advises and invests exclusively in the energy and real estate sectors. The primary focus of its energy investments is the dynamic and growing Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMENA) market, while its real estate efforts are concentrated mainly on the fundamentally sound European market.

Our mission is to offer our private and institutional clients innovative solutions tailored precisely to their needs delivered with excellent service. Our expertise in these areas, allows our clients to exploit new and emerging trends and technologies with significant upside potential. The firm also focuses on developing and investing in long-term projects with the potential to make a positive socio-economic impact.

At Link Wealth, we advise and support investors while bringing about positive change for the future – not only for our clients, but for society as a whole as well.

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Link Wealth Reports

Germany: Real Estate

The growth in the cyclical real estate sector is supported by Germany’s strong economy, stable population, low interest rates, improving employment rate and steady wage growth. Although, the Big 7 cities (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart) will continue to flourish, investors could explore options in lesser developed cities such as Dresden and Leipzig.

Germany: What Asset Type is the "Next Big Thing"?

Over the years, falling interest rates have provided investors access to cheap credit, in-turn, opportunity to expand their investment portfolio. Moreover, expectations of interest rates continuing in same territory and a lack of compelling alternatives ....

Germany: Effect of Interest Rates on Real Estate

In September 2019, the European Central Bank (ECB) was forced to lower rates further into negative territory to record lows, while simultaneously introducing fresh stimulus.

Electric cars. Green buildings. Smart grids. The world is an exciting place right now, with changes underway that will affect every aspect of our lives. The way we power our homes and cities, the way we get around and the way we interact with each other are all changing dramatically. At Link Wealth, we specialize in helping private clients and institutional investors make sense of these changes and find ways to profit from them. We spot emerging trends in the fields of energy and technology, ensuring investors’ long-term success by exploiting opportunities that others have yet to identify. We look beyond conventional investments to find secure and reliable opportunities in the fast-paced world of technology.

We actively engage in the energy sector to find and capitalize on fast-growing markets, where demand for power is surging and the exploitation of inefficiencies offers significant potential for returns. We also assist our clients with a full range of commercial and residential real estate investments, whether finding appropriate transaction structures, conducting extensive technical and legal due diligence, financing and developing appropriate and adequate strategies to maximize their investments.

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