In a world of increasingly scarce energy resources, we need to take a hard look at all of the options available to us for generating and providing power to homes and businesses – even if this means abandoning long-held ideas. At Link Wealth, we’re committed to finding new and better ways of meeting society’s energy needs.
Global energy demand and consumption have reached an all-time high, straining traditional resources.

Link Wealth works with innovative partners to enhance and expand conventional energy generation and delivery systems through a process of decentralization, implementing state-of-the-art concepts such as cogeneration, the increased use of renewables, the adoption of smart grids and improved electricity storage and distribution systems.

Such concepts have the potential to dramatically enhance conventional energy systems. Take cogeneration, which involves the simultaneous production of power and
heat (and in the case of tri-generation systems, cooling as well) within a single unit, enabling a more efficient use of resources. This provides greater energy supplies at a lower cost, creating opportunities for customers and investors alike. Link Wealth also specializes in seeking out opportunities in regions where there is increasing
demand for energy or an inefficient utilization of resources, such as Europe, the Middle East and Africa. These regions can offer significant potential for investors. We partner with experts in the energy sector to stay on top of the latest technological innovations and maintain close ties with stakeholders in the industry. This allows us to maintain a holistic and in-depth view of the sector.

Because we understand that finding the next big thing requires more than simply following the latest fads – you need to be able to spot long-term trends and capitalize on them.

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