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Location may be the most important aspect of real estate, but it’s far from the only one. At Link Wealth, we provide private clients and institutional investors with holistic solutions to ensure the success of their real estate investments, whether they’re looking to buy a shopping mall, an apartment building, logistics center or a hotel. Our services range from deal structuring and due diligence to financing and asset management. We also help investors to develop and execute appropriate and adequate exit strategies that maximize their returns in real estate. Every transaction starts with a comprehensive analysis of the client’s needs and requirements, including property type, location and benchmark expectation. This includes an in-depth analysis of market trends, property valuations and the longterm outlook.

Once the right property has been identified, we then work to determine the most suitable structure for the transaction based on the client’s individual requirements. The thorough and exhaustive due diligence process, taking account of all relevant technical and legal aspects, ensures that investors obtain the highest level of transparency for the decision making process.

We also offer our clients financing solutions and asset management, so they can focus on their core business, safe in the knowledge that their real estate investment is in good hands. We apply our technology and energy expertise to real estate investments, allowing investors to take advantage of technological innovations and energy efficiency measures to reduce costs and increase the return on their investments. Investors are therefore assured of receiving the greatest possible value from their real estate investments.

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